Resin Roofs, the Yorkshire based suppliers of architectural plastic mouldings, have introduced GRP roof dormers in their endeavour to provide quality roof-based structures to you. Moving away from traditional materials used for manufacturing roof dormers, Resin Roofs through their research and product development exercise and the penchant for innovation, have brought probably the best suited and highest quality dormer building material in vogue.

For the uninitiated, GRP refers to Glass Reinforced Plastic or fibreglass, to put it simply. The material is proved to be more durable and it requires minimal maintenance. GRP is a great corrosion barrier and a structural laminate as it is weather and temperature resistant.

The GRP roof dormer supplied by them is manufactured in compliance to BS 476 under 2 categories – the general purpose class 3 rating; and the fire retardant class 0 category.

Resin Roofs’ GRP roof dormer comes with a variety of innovative features and benefits.

The greatest benefit is its time saving quality. On site manufactured dormers take a lot of time to manufacture and assemble. GRP roof dormers, being prefabricated, are time efficient and easy to assemble and install. Apart from this, the GRP roof dormer comes with the following features

  • The surface textures could be manufactured in a wide range of options.
  • There is no restriction with regards to the colour of the GRP roof dormer.
  • The GRP roof dormer is essentially a custom dormer as it is prefabricated and you could customise the dormer to fit your specifications and requirements.
  • The foam insulation, apart from providing self insulation, also helps you to fix the internal lining.
  • The dormer windows are easy to fix to the roof trusses.
  • A GRP fixing gutter, which is self draining in nature, solves drainage issues.

Also, a prefabricated dormer cost isn’t as high as you’d expect.

Resin Roofs give an instant GRP dormer quote to potential customers for their custom dormer.

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