Cantilever carport hull 2440mm

Cantilever carport helps protect your car from the outdoor elements. Although many houses have garages, these are often too small to store more than one car, and so for households with multiple vehicles, a carport is an effective way to provide additional protection.

Whilst offering added protection to your cars or vehicles, a cantilever carport is extremely unobtrusive and does not take up any extra floor space. A cantilever carport is attached securely to the wall and will require no additional upright supports. A carport canopy can be secured to walls constructed of most materials, including cement block, breeze block and single leaf constructions. It is possible to attach a carport to a bungalow as well as a regular house. For more information on installing a carport, see the fitting instructions.

Carport canopies can be installed by a professional, or by the homeowner by following the installation instructions. Following its installation, a carport will require little or no maintenance and can be easily cleaned by washing down with warm soapy water on a regular basis.

Resin Roofs carport kits are available in four different colours to match your home’s exterior, including white, brown, light oak and rosewood.

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