What are GRP roof kits?

Living in a place that is often hit with rain and stormy weather needs a sturdy and waterproof roof. Fibreglass is plastic reinforced with glass by using plastic fibre. Fibreglass is comparatively cheaper than carbon fibre and is stronger and lighter than most materials. All its properties make it the best choice for roofing. Fibreglass is a very different material from what metal is, therefore, you don’t have to worry about rusting. It can be moulded into shapes and comes in a variety of colours. This material is chemically inert, so a long life is ensured even if it interacts with chemicals in the rain or the air due to pollution. 

Fibreglass is also referred to as GRP (Glass reinforced plastic). As a company, we offer a fibreglass roofing kit. It is advantageous in every house so that the effects of rain and other harsh weathers can be avoided. The fibreglass roofing kit is used on flat roofs. The kit comes with a wall fillet that is fitted on the roof. Fairings are added so runoff can be aided and no water is collected on the roof. There are two types of Fiberglass matting available based on the thickness and size. Fibreglass comes with a 25-year guarantee. There are other materials in the market but their guarantees are not as much as that of Fiberglass. Moreover, they are not as strong and reliable. 

People are shifting to fibreglass as it is a new polymer designed especially for this purpose. The fact that this polymer is inert, non-magnetic and light in weight adds to the value of Fiberglass. Unlike plastic and other materials, fibreglass has the least expansion and contraction in hot and cold weather. 

People nowadays are very much concerned about how a roof looks. Even if it’s a roof, they look for aesthetics. Fibreglass allows you to mould the roof and achieve your desired look. It is up to you if you want to match it with the interior of your property or just choose one of your favourite colours.

The lightweight design of this polymer decreases transportation efforts and costs. You can store it anywhere and shipping charges drop down a lot. One of the best qualities of fibreglass is less conduction of sound waves. It will not change things a lot for sounds inside your house, but you will feel a difference in the noise levels experienced from the outside world. You can use fire-retardant resins to make your products stand up against fire. All in all, this is a really affordable and reliable choice for your roof. All the facts have been stated before you.

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