Resin Roofs is in the business of GRP Door Surrounds and Edwardian Door Surrounds. The company is very well aware with the fact that door surround plays an important role for all sorts of real estate. No matter whether you own a house, an apartment, or a building; you will definitely require a GRP Door Surround. Door surrounds and GRP columns make a distinctive and attractive feature of your property. Unlike the conventional front doors, Edwardian Door Surround is much different that’s why its demand is high among the customers.

All of you must agree with the fact that ‘first impression is most important and helps in building image’. The same statement also applies to real estate and the first thing that the viewers notice is the front door. Therefore, the owners of real estate must pay attention towards the front door so that the viewers can develop a positive image in their mind. So what can be done to make your visitors feel good? Well! The answer lies in Edwardian Door Surround. You can absolutely grasp the attention of your visitors if you use GRP Door Surround in your house or apartment.

Features of Edwardian Door Surround

You will be amazed to know that Edwardian Door Surround has satin finish, which gives a beautiful look to your doorway. It is made up of GRP (glass-reinforced plastic), which is considered a strong and rigid material. The canopy top of Edwardian Door Surround is covered with dentil detailing. GRP Door Surround helps in transforming your doorway so that it may not require any maintenance. Now you can make your doorway maintenance-free by installing Edwardian Door Surround. The stain finish pillars are also matching and they are 2350mm high. They completely wrap the opening the door for giving the impression of a wider opening. There is no need to worry if your door size is small as the pillars can easily be cut down with the help of a sharp saw.

From Where to Get Edwardian Door Surround

Now, every one of you must be well aware of the features of Edwardian Door Surround. The next thing that may come in your mind is ‘from where to buy Edwardian Door Surround’. If you are also concerned about this query, then no need to worry anymore as Resin Roofs is here to assist you. Our company has been supplying the best quality GRP Door Surround all around the world. We offer Edwardian Door Surround in different colours i.e. Rosewood, Light Oak, Brown, and 3 Whites. Pillars are also offered separately under the Columns and Pillars category.

At the present time, Resin Roofs is offering 20% discount on Edwardian Door Surround. It means you can purchase this door surround in just £280.06 excluding VAT. Isn’t it amazing? So guys what are you waiting for? Hurry up and place your order today at