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Modern Door also know as a Composite Door

Modern and contemporary front doors by Resin roofs / My Door Builder are supplied throughout the UK and are exceptionally strong, secure, thermally efficient and high in quality. Modern and contemporary doors are available in a variety of designs, you will find a design to suit all tastes and property styles, from the classic elegance to the stylish and popular 4 square design in grey or any colour you wish for take a look at the online door builder here

Composite doors – great prices!

Great prices & fun using mydoorbuilder.com take a look today

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Cantilever Carport

Keep your dream car protected by the outdoor elements with a resin roofs carport. read more…

Design your own composite door

At My Door Builder you can have fun designing your own front door online. You can pick your perfect colour, style and finish all with mydoorbuilder.com

Build the door of your dreams that will keep you and your family safe with added energy efficient benefits.

Celebrating a Timeless Elegance with Georgian Style Door Surrounds


Georgian Door Surround

Resin Roofs Brings Posh Elegance Back to Region with New Georgian Style Composite Doors

Hull, East Yorkshire: Resin Roofs is pleased to announce a new composite door style to its already vast collection of door surrounds: the Georgian. Though there are plenty of ways to decorate the frame of your doorway, for those who seek to maintain an aristocratic air and feel as if they are returning to an estate after a long day at work, the Georgian door surround is a classic choice. Surely, the atmosphere of Hull will benefit for more beautiful entrances and exits, don’t you think? read more…

Porch Roof Custom Made to Size

Porch roof custom made

Flexi Porch Roof

Our Flexi porch roof modules are constructed from rigid maintenance free GRP, and incorporating PU foam insulation to give a ‘U’ value of 0.2. With a built-in gutter behind the decorative dentil moulding, the addition of rainwater goods is unnecessary. With a maximum size of 6200 x 3300mm, each roof is made to your requirements. Cutouts can be built in to allow for buttresses etc, and blank ends can be incorporated if desired to fit against adjacent walls or structures. read more…

Do composite doors fade over time?

Do composite doors fade?The simple answer is no.

The reason composite doors do not fade or bleach over time, even when exposed to strong sun for years or decades at a time is that the colour is not applied to the surface. They are not painted at the factory, or skinned with a thin film of coloured or patterned material as some steel or uPVC doors are.

How long do composite doors last?

According to data from the Housing Association Provident Mutual and the Building Research Establishment, composite door structures are expected to last 35 years. read more…

What is a composite door made from?

What are composite doors made from?
Composite doors
 are made up of a variety of materials, including wood, insulating foam PVC and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The combination of materials result in a door that is very strong and secure. read more…

Which roofing material should I use?

Fibreglass can be manipulated and shaped better and comes in any colour (that said the norm is grey), the downside it has to be done correctly with quality materials (which can be substituted for cheap products by some). 25-year guarantee. See Resin Roofs GRP system here.

EPDM is simply a rubber sheet stretched over the roof but money can be saved by replacing decking (if sound/dry). It can look very smart nut comes in black only. Generally about the same cost as GRP. 20-year guarantee read more…

Keep Your House Warm During the Cold Weather with these 5 tips

Composite door detailWith the cold weather set to continue across the UK, it’s important to know how to keep your house warm when the temperatures drop.

Here are five simple ways to keep your Home, mansion or apartment warm in wintertime without racking up extra bills.

Watch out for drafts

Even the smallest draft can cause the temperature inside the house to decline drastically when the weather is cold. Common homes for drafts to enter your mansion are underneath doorways, around windows (including between window panes and the frame ), according to British Gas. A simple towel or blanket laid at the paw of a doorway can avoid a draft coming through and keep the house warm. And tape along the leading edge of window panes can prevent those pesky drafts entering seemingly through the glass.

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Benefits of having a composite door

Composite 6 Green. Four Glazed Platinum Clarity Brass

There are many different types of openings that you can install on your dwelling nonetheless they are not all built to the same standards of quality and security. There are numerous reasons for the differences in door tone; from the materials, they use to the overall intent and choosing a doorway made from poor materials with a cheap pattern can leave your home exposed to menaces. This is no longer to say that every dwelling should have a strengthened sword opening, only that it is possible to find a great compromise between style, strength and price.

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Resin Roofs GRP Roof Dormer – no dormancy in quality provision here!

Resin Roofs, the Yorkshire based suppliers of architectural plastic mouldings, have introduced GRP roof dormers in their endeavour to provide quality roof-based structures to you. Moving away from traditional materials used for manufacturing roof dormers, Resin Roofs through their research and product development exercise and the penchant for innovation, have brought probably the best suited and highest quality dormer building material in vogue. read more…

Exciting Features of Edwardian Door Surround

Resin Roofs is in the business of GRP Door Surrounds and Edwardian Door Surrounds. The company is very well aware with the fact that door surround plays an important role for all sorts of real estate. No matter whether you own a house, an apartment, or a building; you will definitely require a GRP Door Surround. Door surrounds and GRP columns make a distinctive and attractive feature of your property. Unlike the conventional front doors, Edwardian Door Surround is much different that’s why its demand is high among the customers. read more…

Flat roof advantages compared to a pitched roof?

A ‘flat roof’ as a rule is actually not flat; in order to enable rainwater to drain away, a flat roof has a slight pitching of a few degrees.

However, “you’ve been” looking forward to the pros and cons of flat and pitched roof before you make a final judgment. Whether your build is domestic or commercial, the roof structure is an integral part of its layout, with the aesthetic appearance of your roof is dependant on the characteristics and style of the property, your budget and relevant planning and building regulations.  read more…

Grey Skies Frown at Increased Amount of Cantilever Carports in Hull

Cantilevered Carport

Resin Roofs Raises the Bar on Cantilever Carport Kit

Hull, Yorkshire, UK: Not even the coldest, greyest days in the UK can take the sunshine out of your morning when you can step outside and remain dry. There has been an increased number of cantilever carports popping up throughout the Yorkshire region of late. With quick delivery and fast assembly, Resin Roofs’ cantilever carports are raising expectations about just how much protection one can have with these specialized canopies. read more…

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