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Use the following prospecting scripts and dialogues to systematically and continuously stay in conversation with the people you know to help develop more clients. This is a quick call about business. DOWNLOAD OUR TOP 3 REAL ESTATE COLD CALLING SCRIPTS. Ultimately, every body is different: you know what it takes to put yourself in a spot for physical success. We know that Realtors are busy folks, we appreciate you taking the time to talk. A real estate professional committed to making 100 calls per day, five days a week will yield 2 listing appointments or referrals a week. The Close: Any final words of advice for people who are new to cold calling or trying to get over their fear of it? Also, as I learned more about real estate, got a couple of transactions under my belt, I felt like I could have better conversations with people, which made it easier too. Tell them you’ll send them a free no obligation CMA and invite them to discuss it with you after. You’re going to hear a lot of nos when you cold call, and that’s ok, that is expected. Many expert cold callers report feeling better when they can move around a room or pace, so get a good bluetooth earpiece and get loose. Also, making 100 calls a day can be a time consuming commitment, especially when you’re trying to dial all the numbers by hand. Follow up and make a deal happen.}. Many real estate agents consider the FSBO prospect to be a perfect lead for cold calling. Those calling times were based on agent performance so it’s unclear whether they were landline or cell. In fact, I wish that I could FaceTime cold call people, because I feel like if I can see your face and you can see mine, you are more likely to know I am genuine and have value to offer you. The Close: Were there steps that you took early on in your cold calling experience that helped you find your comfort zone? Trent Sims: Yes, for sure. I also have objection handlers posted on the wall in front of me so I can read them as I prospect. Are you planning to put it back on the market? Circle prospecting is a great way to increase your exposure and connect with other homeowners in neighborhoods where you’re already active. How about we confirm each other’s contact information so that we can get started?”, “I want to work with more clients like you, and I find that people looking to move know others in the same position. The Close: So, tell us the truth: when you’re on the phone with someone, are you pretty at ease talking to someone you don’t know, or is that just how you appear on the surface and there’s actually a storm brewing inside? We get it. But you don’t have to limit your circle prospecting only to the areas you’ve listed or sold property. The Close: Wow, so your business more than tripled, and almost a third of it was as a result of cold calling? Expired Listings. Period. On expireds, ask them what they thought of the last listing broker. I’m a firm believer in using a script for commercial real estate prospecting cold calls. Effective circle prospecting scripts and techniques can enable real estate agents to generate more business around their active listings. {Pause and let them talk. Trent Sims: Actually, I am pretty at ease the entire time. Maintain a positive tone. Will that work?”. Just enjoying this good weather outside. Tyler Zey, Founder EasyagentPRO. Jam packed with 61 proven real state lead generation ideas for this year, this eBook comes from coaches and top producing agents from around the country. (Obtain address and ask for any other information needed). Listen to what they say. Then you have my card if you need it in the future?”. The Close is here to say that those last three challenges are real for many real estate professionals, but they don’t have to be for you. If there is one that I have not included, email me and I will create it for you and add it … Would it be ok if we stayed in touch? I touched base with Trent, he told me that if a number was marked as DNC, he wouldn’t. And when will you need to be in Arkansas?”, “We need to be in Little Rock in 90 days.”, “Gotcha, so the clock’s ticking for you. When I am calling a farm area, I do have a pretty dialed in pitch that I use pretty consistently that I come up with as a result of doing some solid research about the trends in the neighborhood, so even though it isn’t written in stone, I have gotten results from particular questions or phrases. That is mainly because the process is something that they are uncertain about and or they are not prepared to learn or undertake the required practice. Trent Sims: Yes, well, I definitely still have some big goals in front of me, but 2018 was a great step towards meeting those long term goals. I’ll see you this afternoon at four. Cold calling real estate agents are going to hear a lot of the word “no” and sometimes worse. If you can dedicate an hour a day, five days a week, 50 weeks a year, you set 100 more listing appointments than you would without cold calling. If there’s an inventory shortage for homes in a particular price range, use recently sold data to pinpoint which neighborhoods have homes in this range. Others will tell you that it isn’t worth the anxiety, frustration, and lack of immediate results. What does the right message sound like? For example, they might use a listing going under contract as the basis for communicating by email, mailer, flyers, door … Hope you’re crushing it in 2019! Making cold calls requires focus, doing so when you’re focused on your own physical needs just doesn’t work. Develop a routine that is going to allow you to be relaxed and ready. I was just surprised to see it on the market for ___days, I assumed it would be gone in a few weeks. Learn the Art (& Science) of Prospecting Letters. Required fields are marked *. Many agents mistakenly believe that telephone real estate prospecting scripts lead to forced, unnatural-sounding presentations that turn prospects off. It shows what it is, the basics on how to get “stuff” into it, and how to use it for real estate-related tasks. Do you have time this afternoon, or would tomorrow work better for you?”, “You know, I really don’t want to work with an agent. Oh and since I’ve got you on the phone, do you happen to know anyone that is thinking about buying or selling a home right now? I’ve had leads provide cell and work numbers as well, but for the most part I would avoid calling them at work unless it was an emergency. As a Senior Writer and Real Estate Coach for The Close, Chris is one of our resident experts on real estate topics ranging from marketing, lead generation, transactional best practices and everything in between. I was wondering if I could help you with any real estate questions you might have. If I could show you a way that I could net you the same or possibly even more money by using our services, would that be something you’d be open to?”, “Well, basically what we’re trying to do is break even. I noticed you have a house for sale in my coverage area. The second thing I would tell people is to remember your value. Before you get on the phone, go through a stretching routine to get your body limber and ready to support your mind’s positive responses. If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve never met you. While it’d be nice to have tons of clients constantly reaching out for help, farming or prospecting is actually a huge slice of how agents spend time. You see, statistics show that our are going to run into 6 to 10 people over the next 12 months that are looking buy or sell a home. Best Expired Listing Scripts & Objection Handlers 2019, The 5 Best FSBO Scripts of 2019 & Why They Work, Zero to Diamond real estate coaching program. Interestingly enough, 90 percent of the FSBOs I speak with tell me the exact same thing. (If yes, continue . “Conversational” Circle Prospecting Script x Hi, is this [FIRST NAME]? In contrast, the worst time of the day to make calls was the evening, after 5 PM. But, door knocking is kind of its own animal and doesn’t work quite like cold calling does. The average real estate professional converts a little more than 1 in 5 of their conversations to listing appointments, but a top performing agent (like yourself - an agent who makes over $250,000/year in GCI) converts almost 1 in 3. Maybe there’s a happy medium? As you are refining your script, make sure to build in these sorts of conversation starters. If you are afraid of this word, you aren’t going to get far enough into cold calling to reap the rewards that it provides. Where are you moving to? Our Clients Earn The Industry Average 10XMORE THAN Schedule your FREE coaching consultation 888.866.3377 Call Visit. We bought the house two years ago, and the value hasn’t really gone up.”, “So, what is the main reason for your sale?”, “I’ve been transferred. In this book, I have attempted to cover most of the common real estate scripts that you will likely need. The optimal voicemail establishes who you are, why you’re calling, but doesn’t give away the best part of you message. So, if I find that putting a face to the voice is the best way to convert a lead and get an appointment. If I can’t, I’ll let you know that as well. That’s good. Thanks for your question. So is there anything that we can do for you right now? I’ll be in touch!” (NOTE: A follow up “Thank You” card can have a very positive impact). Leave us a comment below! . The Close has a policy of fierce editorial independence. So while there is still some debate here, the data shows that the best times to call are in that block in the middle of the day. Beyond simply listening to your prospects it’s important to follow-up with relevant content and questions based on your notes. Let’s … Hi, I’m (name) with (real estate company). Perfect, thank you! Pick an hour and stick to it, you’ll get the best results and therefore minimize your fear. In order to vary the content of each call to members of your client database and avoid turning off people in your COI, it is important to use a number of tested prospecting scripts over time. The Close: Can you give us a particular line or piece of verbiage that you use that you think our readers can use to help up their cold calling game? For me though, I really turned the corner when I started surrounding myself with other agents that had that outreach mindset. People are more likely to stay on the phone when they are talking about themselves because given the chance, people will tell their story to just about anyone who will listen. Let silence do the heavy lifting here). Trent Sims: Glad to talk. I can understand why you might feel pretty discouraged — it’s a great house. Hello, is this Mr. / Mrs. __________?Hey Mr. / Mrs., this is (your name) with (your company). How does that sound?”, “Yeah, that’s fine. Also what would you suggest to be the most recommended route since my connect rate is very low? That said, I think most people are cell only these days, so safe to assume it applies to both. You can segment your targets and even your own friends list to a level that most platforms don’t allow — and as we all know, everyone in the world spends time there. If you’re curious about learning more about the power of circle prospecting, you’ve got to check out our article about how a Florida real estate team used it to generate 200 leads in a single day. As far as tools go, I use REDX pretty much every time I call. Whether you’re looking for tips on how to interact with prospects or just need to get hyped up for your next calling session, these videos are a great source of inspiration. It has been very helpful!! Let me ask you this: why did you decide to sell your house without hiring a professional agent?”, “Well, I wanted to save money. . One of the hardest parts about cold calling is feeling like you’re selling something that people aren’t interested in buying. Cold calling isn’t easy. For example, senior citizens are generally more likely to have landlines while tech savvy millennials and Gen Xers probably won’t. You can do this by using direct-communication bypass, or straight-to-voicemail communication. I like to establish these professional referral partnerships to help grow each others’ businesses as well. Of course it would. Experienced agents will tell you it’s an essential part of lead generation. Now that you’re armed with three awesome scripts that will help you tackle just about any cold calling situation, let’s dive into some practical advice to help you kill your fears of cold calling once and for all. In NY first thing a FSBO asks is “Are you a broker?” Say yes, and the next thing you hear is a buzzing in your ear. In order to vary the content of each call to members of your client database and avoid turning off people in your COI, it is important to use a number of tested prospecting scripts … What sort of numbers are we talking about? Scripts for Buyers: How to Show Less Homes. Getting discouraged from a single hour’s results or even a couple of days worth of results will slow your progress and keep you from getting appointments. So what’s better? How Top Agents Use Multiple Client Databases, How to Run Facebook Ads for Real Estate Agents, How Realtors Can Create a Facebook Group for Business to Business Marketing, How Realtors Should Show Houses in a Low Inventory Market. “What’s important to you in the agent you choose to represent you?” This is a great question … We do not accept money, services, or products in exchange for positive reviews or product placement. I gotcha. Sure, I get people who just hang up on me or tell me no right away, but you make enough calls and you end up talking to people who are truly appreciative of your message and what you have to offer. I’m _____ with _____.You know, I work in the neighborhood, and I noticed that your home was no longer for sale. Why don’t we meet? Then below we have provided a collection of some diverse real estate prospecting scripts to help you regularly touch base with your COI in different ways. This is achieved by asking questions that require explanation and engagement from your prospect and not just a yes or a no. This sort of pre-call research gives you the confidence that you are selling something that people actually want to buy: an opportunity to make money. In order to vary the content of each call to members of your client database and avoid turning off people in your COI, it is important to use a number of tested prospecting scripts over time. Well look, I don’t want to take up too much of your time today, but (market information — “a house/condo was just listed in your neighborhood/complex” or “a house/condo just sold in your neighborhood/complex”), and I didn’t know if there was anything I could do for you regarding buying or selling real estate at this time. Find any excuse to stop by and introduce yourself in person, even if it’s for a minute or two. Mrs. & Mrs. … Can you start by telling us a little bit about your real estate background? If you can maintain this clip for, say, 50 weeks a year, you’ll be going on 100 listing appointments every year. The more positive responses Trent got in his cold calling, the more he understood that those who were taking him up on his offer were genuinely better for it, which he used as fuel to push through the anxiety and keep going. Instead of motivating yourself with the fear of failure, motivate yourself with the success that comes from diligent hard work. You have information that the people on the other end of the line can benefit from, it is your job to communicate that information to them. An auto-dialer can cut down your time on the phone by more than half, and a great one like Storm Dialer from REDX can increase your call volume by more than 400%. Welcome to the First Edition of the Excelleum Real Estate Script Book! I would love to work with more people like you, so do you know anyone looking to move in the near future?”, “Because you are in the process of moving right now, you will overhear a lot of conversations from different people looking to move when you are out and about. When you do, would you mind giving them my phone number and ask them to call me?”. Just Listed & Just Sold Real Estate Scripts. If he did toss it, what kind of immediate prospect is he anyway? This is the same way in prospecting. Prospecting Script #3: Hey, X! The reason … Anything we missed? If you want to give it a shot, you can come on over.”, “Awesome, I appreciate that. The process of making a cold call in commercial real estate is quite hard for many salespeople and agents. Awesome. We’ve put together the top 17 real estate cold calling scripts and tips to help you get over your fear of cold calling once and for all. Some cold calling strategists have suggested that a voicemail is a great means to turn a completely cold call into a luke-warm call. couldn’t. To make the most of your conversation, consider using a CRM like Freshsales (which has a free forever plan for up to two users) to take notes on specific leads. Consequently, agents must find different ways to add value and give to people in their databases so that their communications aren’t perceived as annoyances. When you’re halfway through a calling session and have had no appointments set, look at that tracking sheet, remind yourself that success is inevitable, and that you’re due for a win any time. I definitely use those pretty consistently. Trent learned early on not to let fear from the word “no” stop him; he used it as motivation that he was that much closer to a listing appointment. What little things can you make note of in order to improve your cold calling skills and lower you anxiety? The script that gauges interest. If they want that knowledge and can use it, awesome, that’s what I’m here for. Real Estate Prospecting: COI Scripts. So can I ask you a favor?” (If yes . Thanks so much, I look forward to speaking again soon! By doing this sort of research, you’re steering yourself towards a group of people for whom you have good news, and who will be more likely to listen to you. Since we’re in the process of trying to update our databases and do better at staying in communication, is it okay if I keep you in our database, mail to you and touch base every now and then?”, “Awesome! Further, top circle prospectors diversify their contacts to residents around their listings via multiple marketing channels. Cold calling is one of the most polarizing lead generation strategies in all of real estate. So that we can stay in touch with you, we need to get our records updated, is that okay?”, “Great! The reason for this gap is that top producers have proven, practiced scripts that enable I’ve heard good things about your company, would you and your business be interested in being included?”  (If yes, continue . Advice that someone gave you? Tom Ferry is recognized as the #1 Educator in Real Estate; his coaching programs, training products and live events will help you live and work by design! The Keller Center of Baylor University conducted a study about real estate cold calling in the United States. Learn these top real estate prospecting scripts to contact the people that make up your center of influence (COI) regularly for more business. Cold calling can be scary and stressful, especially if you’re working alone. Voicemail is an excellent opportunity to break the ice with prospects in a much lower stress setting. Since I frequently have clients ask me for a good _____________ (dentist, landscaper or other business), I’m looking for a trusted company to refer them to. Trent Sims: Thank you for the opportunity to talk, here’s to a great year in real estate. As a licensed agent in the state of Michigan, Chris has been a part of hundreds of transactions from modest rural starter homes to massive waterside compounds. Seller Lead Email. Watch Videos Scripts Increase your success rate during your prospecting calls and seller presentations with... Read more » The Close: And cold calling was a big part of that step up? Here are a few of our favorites: It’s one thing to talk about the strategies that will help you up your cold calling game and also see larger-than-life personalities on YouTube knocking it out of the park. The point could be argued that investing time in putting together a detailed report about every property you are prospecting is time consuming, a little too time consuming. Any bad news, such as a sale falling through, should be delivered in person or over the phone. Trent made this jump when he joined a real estate team with an experienced cold caller at the helm. where others couldn’t. I would say the first thing is, you have to eliminate your fear of the word “no”. And if the house doesn’t sell in 90 days, what’s your plan B?”, “Well, we’re going to have to go — the house will just be empty.”, “Oh, yeah, I’d hate to have that happen to you. It’s not offensive. Buyer Consultation Script. Either way, how ever agents get that initial meeting, a win is a win. Thank you for the valuable information.I really appreciate it. If you are calling a neighborhood where more than half the residents don’t benefit from your advice and opportunities, you are calling the wrong neighborhood. He supplied us with the last five tips on our list, keep reading after our last tip to see Trent’s entire interview and learn how he took these lessons and used them to take his real estate career to the next level. So let’s see, it looks like we need your email address . You are the expert. Essential reading for new and experienced Realtors, this list comes from coaches like Tom Ferry, Kevin Ward, and top producing agents from around the country. Using scripts for the first call Your first call may be a live connection, a selected lead or a call about a Zestimate concern. When someone isn’t ready to set a listing appointment, focus on just shaking their hand. That’s because a script will keep you on track and focused on listening to the prospect, without worrying about thinking of what you’re going to say next, or worse…winging it. {Pause and listen. Would you mind if I came by this Saturday at _____? FSBO Script. .) Real Estate Prospecting: COI Scripts. There are three scripts that every cold caller needs to have in their arsenal: the Expired Listing Script, the FSBO Script and the Circle Prospecting Script. A crock! I was still working at another job, so just getting into real estate, but I knew right away that it was what I wanted to do full time, and pretty soon I was doing it full time on top of my other (full time) job. Get started with Mike Ferry TV! It’s a common cold calling myth that success comes in the form of a pitch, when in actuality, it comes in the form of listening to your prospect and responding to their needs. Learn these top real estate prospecting scripts to contact the people that make up your center of influence (COI) regularly for more business. Your email address will not be published. There are SO many scripts out there it is mind boggling I personally use Mike Ferry Scripts. The Close: First of all Trent, thanks so much for chatting with us. Download Our Top 3 Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts. “Thanks! However, we do work with a select group of software companies and service providers that we feel provide real value for our readers. “When you bump into these people, would you be willing to call me with their contact information?” (Pause and wait patiently for a response. In it, 50 real estate agents made 6,264 cold calls to areas that hadn’t been recently prospected. During this timeframe, 42% of the total calls were made, but these calls only yielded 21% of the total appointments set. Cold calling expired listings can be tricky because you know that homeowner is going to talk to multiple Realtors, oftentimes all on the same day that you’re planning your call. Real estate agents rely on new clients to keep their business going, and those clients don’t just fall into their laps.

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